Patent Design portable power bank+wall charger 2 in 1.

Patent Design portable power bank+wall charger 2 in 1, makes life convenient and easy.

When we go out for a travel, we need carry a lot of luggage, which is annoying. As a power bank supplier, our service concept is to develop new products and make your life more convenient and easier.

Recently, we develop a new product, it's portable wall charger+power bank 2 in 1.
Compared with ordinary power bank, this products have below advantages:
1.Multifunction:It's both wall charger and power bank.
2.Fast charge:Wall charger output(3.1A);Power Bank output(2.1A).
3.Multi capacity options:we have 2 different capacity 5200mah/7800mah for your options.
4.Multi color options: Pink,Blue, Yellow, Green, Grey, White...
5.Simple portable but novelty.
6.Patent products new arrival!!!

If you are interested in this new product, please feel free contact us! We will provide more detials to you!!!